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GU - Subject Rankings

Subjects Ranking provides comprehensive and insightful evaluations of institutions worldwide based on their performance in specific subjects. By assessing universities across various disciplines, we aim to offer students, educators, policymakers, and stakeholders valuable insights into the strengths and areas of excellence of different institutions.


Subjects-Ranking endeavors to provide stakeholders with a holistic and nuanced understanding of the performance of universities worldwide, thereby facilitating informed decision-making and fostering excellence in higher education.

Rankings by Subject

Universities often excel in specific subjects or fields due to their faculty expertise, research focus, and institutional resources. By evaluating institutions on individual subjects, stakeholders can identify areas of specialization where universities demonstrate exceptional competency. This allows students to make informed decisions when selecting a university based on their academic interests and career aspirations. 


Research output and innovation are often concentrated within specific academic disciplines. By evaluating universities on individual subjects, stakeholders can identify institutions that contribute significantly to advancing knowledge and driving innovation within their respective fields. This information is valuable for students seeking research opportunities, employers looking to collaborate with academic institutions, and policymakers aiming to promote research and development initiatives.

GU Subject-Ranking Releases World-Wide : 15.12.2024


Ranking Handbook

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GU Subject Rankings

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