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DIISC Rankings

Digital Institutional Index and Smart Campus Rankings

Survey Opens : 07.08.2024

Download DIISC Ranking's Handbook - Manual

DIISC Rankings

Digital Institutional Index by GU Rankings, is a straightforward name that underscores a categorical evaluation of Institutions in this technology driven digital age; and the Smart Campus Score, highlights the assessment of Institutions based on their digital and technological advancements.

DIISC Rankings, makes InnovationTech Institutional  Assessment (iTechIA) including emphasise on the key themes of technology, empowerment, digital campuses, and innovation, which are central to the survey's focus. The DIISC Rankings emphasises the excellence of institutions in creating innovative and technology-driven smart campuses.

Outcome: A separate institutional ranking document with details of the parametric score; Insights of the Top Institutions for eCampus Excellence and improving TechEdu-Rate, will be released.

Explore the Parameters, Criteria and Key Metrics for DIISC Rankings.



Download Ranking Handbook

DIISC Handbook

Parameters and Key Metrics

Considering the prevailing modes of education and the requirements of Industry 5.0, a unique approach has been curated for developing a 'Digital Institutional Index' and a 'Smart Campus Score' based on vital parameters and criteria to effectively evaluate institutions in these domains. 

Parameters for Digital Institutional Index

Digital Learning Environment (DLE); e-Learning Resources; Virtual Labs and Research; Innovation and Technology Programs; Digital Student Services; Cybersecurity and Data Privacy; Digital Inclusion and Equity; Tech Research and Development; and Sustainability and Green Technology.

Parameters for Smart Campus Score

Campus Connectivity; Smart Classrooms and smart infrastructure; Security and Safety; Digital Services;  Environmental Sustainability; Smart Transportation; Innovation Hubs and Incubators; and Smart Campus Governance.

Download Ranking-Methodology Handbook

Parameters DIISC

All participant's of DIISC Rankings, will be considered for

GU World University Rankings

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